Exhibition Information


  • 57 Countries in total,
  • 1 Foreign Prime Minister and 10 Ministers
  • 268 Official Delegations, 37 of which are very high-level such as the Chief of the General Staff and the Force Commander,
  • 112 Commercial Delegations from 25 countries ,
  • 390 Foreign Companies, 83 with stands,
  • It will be held as an International Defence Industry specialization fair with the participation of 567 local companies.
  • 9 International Panels will be held at the exhibition, 4 of which will be with foreign panelists,
  • 3 separate Keynotes speaker will give a conference on the developments in the field of space and their work in Turkey.
  • In this context, investment activities for start-up companies will be carried out for 15 companies supported by SAHA GİRİŞİM.
  • In addition, information on the investment needs of the participating companies was collected. It will be brought together with interested investors.
  • Signing ceremonies will be held in two separate signing halls
  • In the project presentation area, companies will have the opportunity to promote their projects.
  • Product launches will be held for the products that will be exhibited there for the first time by many companies.
  • Live television broadcasts will be shared continuously during the fair from five different satellite frequencies for television channels from various points of the fair.
  • For companies and delegations, special information packages regarding the talent products of the exhibitors started to be shared on subjects that are of interest to each company and delegation.
  • With the SAHA MATCH application, each company is offered the opportunity to plan their bilateral meetings separately.
  • We also benefit from the 3rd and 4th grade students of ITU as the hosts of foreign companies and delegations at the fair.
  • SAHA EXPO will take place in the Defence Industry Metaverse Universe for the first time in the world between November 1st and February 1st, after the physical part of the exhibition is closed. Metaverse SAHA EXPO will be open to the whole world for 3 months. There, companies will be able to interact directly with their customers from all over the world through their avatars or via video conferences.




25-28 October 2022

Competent Authority

SAHA Istanbul Defense, Aerospace, Space and Industry Cluster


+90 212 999 70 18

Exhibition Organiser