Tips for a more productive exhibition

Before The Exhibition

Stand decoration

The presentation of your products and services is important for your company to stand out in the exhibition. For better stand decoration, you should use simple details and avoid unnecessary designs to make your stand visually appealing.

  • Use good and correct lighting.
  • Use warm colors to attract visitors’ attention on your stand. The power of colors will help you reinforce the image you want to impact visitors. (Green – natural, red –  excitement,  yellow – optimism, black – authority, white – purity, blue – peace)
  • Remove all physical and psychological barriers that will prevent your visitors’ entry. Create an open space for visitors.
  • It will be more remarkable to place a moving product on your stand.
  • Address the senses, smells can trigger pleasant memories. Vanilla or flower fragrances or hot snacks placed at different points in your booth will direct visitors to your booth.

Training, Staff & Technical Staff Skills

It is important that your staff have good communication skills. Your staff should also be well trained to have technical and detailed information about your products and services.

Inviting Customers (E-mail sending, social media, seminars, events, etc.)

Inviting your customers and potential visitors to the exhibition will create a positive outlook for your company. For this reason, it will be beneficial for more visitors to do bulk e-mailing, personal e-mailing or using social media channels.

At your booth, you should tell visitors about your innovations, news about you, your products and services. You can also organize seminars for affiliates and customers.

Products and Services Catalogs

Your stand should have online and offline catalogs of your products and services in multiple languages, including detailed information about your company. On the other hand, you must prepare your company brochure in English or the language of your target country. You can follow and benefit from the social media channels of the exhibition for the promotion of your company. Organizing your company’s VIP buyers’ travel plans will give you a plus.

Press Releases

You should share your press releases with the exhibition organizers to advertise your products.

During The Exhibition

  • Visitor records and participant statistics should be recorded correctly.
  • You must have a reception desk for visitors.
  • Announcement, advertisement and promotion of the activities in the exhibition area should be made.
  • Attention should be drawn on new products.
  • Interactive presentations will increase the permanence of new goods and services with the impact on the target audience. You can also publish them on the exhibition area and on the internet for promotion purposes. Furthermore, if  possible, press conferences should be organized.
  • Experienced and multilingual staff should be selected for the promotion of products and services. Where visitors are located, staff should be able to communicate with business officials over the telephone or computer. Exhibition stand staff should be provided information about the efficiency and suitability of sales and marketing techniques, and the exhibition and individual communication skills of the employees should be improved.
  • Place press releases in the room reserved for press members. Also meet with members of the press in the press room.

After The Exhibition

  • Sending thank you letters to visitors.
  • Making the necessary planning and appointments for commercial relations with your business partners and visitors.