Why Exhibit

Covering a wide-ranging ecosystem, the SAHA EXPO exhibition will give small businesses and Start-Up companies the opportunity to introduce themselves and their products, as well as large companies. During the exhibition, international panels and signing ceremonies will be held. Within the scope of the SAHA Enterprise program, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to meet with many industrialists and investors while introducing themselves with the projects they presented during the exhibition.

  • Present your latest products or designs face-to-face in a live international environment and stand out from your competitors with your presence,
  • Gain insight into the industrial developments; 25 countries are represented via exhibitors with their latest products,
  • Connect with new, existing customers and over 20.000 registrants in a cost-effective and time-efficient way,
  • Network with fellow Industry Leaders during our exclusive panels,
  • Meet with new potential customers through B2B / B2G meetings, which will be held during the exhibition among the exhibitors, military decision-makers and procurement committees,
  • Meet with officials from The Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Interior, and Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB).
  • Come together with Professional visitors from more than 30 countries, international military officials, manufacturers, and buyers.
  • Gain knowledge and insight into the users’ needs so that your business can continue to help the users be successful in a world of strategic competition,
  • Raise your company profile and generate new sales leads and orders.
  • Participate free of charge in the second edition of the SAHA EXPO Defence & Aerospace Virtual Exhibition.
  • Attend the Panels, which will be held by the leading names of the defence industry from various countries to discuss the latest challenges, technological advances, and emerging threats.
  • Meet university start-ups where they will present their most innovative products.
  • Create or reinforce the visibility and raise awareness and interest in your supply capacity,
  • Establish backwards and forward business linkages,
  • Negotiate offers that may result in actual orders,
  • Develop your network,
  • Meet potential partners that can lead to a business partnership,
  • Increase brand awareness with prominent onsite branding,
  • Explore the market and observe the trends,
  • Exchange experiences,
  • Conclude mutually beneficial agreements and enter joint promising projects.