Why Visit?

Why Visit? (Physical Exhibition)

  • Huge networking opportunities with other stakeholders within your industry,
  • Learn about the latest trends and challenges in the industry,
  • Keep up to date with the latest technological and market developments,
  • Study competitor activity,
  • Choose and assess suppliers of new products/technology,
  • Compile and add to an information database,
  • Compare one product with another,
  • The exhibition can give you a different insight into your own business and operations, either by what you see and hear, or the discussions you have with others 
    in the industry.
  • See some products exclusively at SAHA EXPO, such as BAYRAKTAR TB2, AKINCI, CEZERI Flying Car.

Why Visit? (Metaverse)

  • Make a 3D virtual tour 24/7,
  • Visit the exhibitor booths same as visiting the real Show,
  • See 3D products up close,
  • Check company and product catalogs,
  • Watch product videos,
  • Chat with company officials,
  • Share business cards.