Why Exhibit

  • Present your latest products or designs face-to-face in a live international environment and stand out from your competitors with your presence,
  • Gain insight of the industrial developments; 25 countries represented via exhibitors with their latest products,
  • Connect with new, existing customers and over 20.000 registrants in a cost-effective and time-efficient way,
  • Network with fellow Industry Leaders during our exclusive panels,
  • Meet with new potential customers through B2B / B2G meetings, which will be held during the exhibition among the exhibitors, military decision-makers and procurement committees,
  • Meet with officials from The Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Interior, and Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB).
  • Come together with Professional visitors from more than 30 countries, international military officials, manufacturers, and buyers.
  • Gain knowledge and insight into the users’ needs so that your business can continue to help the users be successful in a world of strategic competition,
  • Raise your company profile and generate new sales leads and orders.
  • Participate free of charge in the second edition of the SAHA EXPO Defence & Aerospace Virtual Exhibition.
  • Attend the Panels, which will be held by the leading names of the defence industry from various countries to discuss the latest challenges, technological advances and emerging threats.
  • Meet university start-ups where they will present their most innovative products.
  • Create or reinforce the visibility and raise the awareness and interest about your supply capacity,
  • Establish backwards and forward business linkages,
  • Negotiate offers that may result in actual orders,
  • Develop the relationship network,
  • Meet potential partners that can lead to business alliances,
  • Increase brand awareness with prominent onsite branding,
  • Explore the market and observe the trends;
  • Exchange experiences;
  • Conclude mutually beneficial agreements and enter into joint promising projects.


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