Scope of Exhibition

Transportation, support and logistics services

Intelligence and communication systems, command and control communication systems, antennas, storage and rescue systems, sonar systems, secure information transfer systems, internet and network security, anti virus software, fiber optic materials, electrical cables and distribution equipment, power supplies and generators, CNC machines, CAD / CAM software, 3D printers and many other systems, hardware and software developed specifically for the defense, civil aviation and aerospace industries.

Land, naval and aerospace industry

For use on land; Laser technologies, early detection and warning radars, weapons, mapping and mapping systems, landmine detection and cleaning systems, etc. For use at sea; Ship subsystems, submarine and surface defense systems, diving equipment and rescue materials, heating, ventilation and cooling systems, ship building materials, etc. For use in aviation and space; Human beings include aircraft, drones, air defense systems, aircraft engines, aircraft subsystems, external power supplies, ground control technologies and many other newly developed products, systems and software.

Supplies, materials and equipment

Weather-proof, water-heat-proof military garments, sleeping bags, special shoes, textile fabrics suitable for multi-purpose use in the defense, aerospace industry, equipment and tools used in the transport process, ropes, chains, such as used in defense, aerospace and more We have many featured products, and qualified designs.

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