Covid-19 Information

As SAHA EXPO, our most important priority is the health of our exhibitors and visitors.

Before the Exhibition, our preparations continue without slowing down with the support of technology.

Infrared Thermal Thermometer

  • Face Recognition Feature at Exhibition Entrances
  • Detection of Mask Use
  • Spraying Disinfectant With Sensor
  • Directing the Person with Voice Command
  • Non-contact disinfectant units at all entrances and at each stand
  • HES code query of exhibitors, visitors and Exhibition attendants at the entrance to the exhibition
  • All entrances and exits of the exhibition area are arranged with one-way roundtrip signs on the floor in a way that prevents people from contacting each other.
  • Limit the number of people in the exhibition area, including participants, officials and visitors, to one person per ten (10) square meters
  • Stand designs and distances are designed and implemented with a distance of 3 meters as stipulated by the Ministry of Health
  • Obligation to wear masks for exhibitors, attendants and visitors at the entrance to the exhibition area and during their stay in the exhibition area.
  • Placing signs showing the social distance rule on the floor in the entire exhibition area and in front of each stand.
  • Exhibitors, visitors and officials who show signs of illness and illness and who need to be in isolation are not allowed to be admitted to the exhibition area.
  • Considering the warnings about restaurants, cafeterias and canteens in the Outbreak Management and Working Guide prepared by the Ministry of Health


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