The second edition of SAHA EXPO Defence and Aerospace Exhibition, organised by the Defence and Aerospace Cluster Association, which was held in 2018, will be organised at Istanbul Expo Center between the dates of 25-28 March 2020 at 9,10 and 11th Halls.

The exhibition, which is decided to be held every 2 years, is a platform where the main platform manufacturers, suppliers and companies who want to take part in these sectors as a producer for the defence, maritime and aerospace industries, come together.

The production potential of exhibitors in defence, maritime and aerospace will be exhibited at SAHA EXPO 2020 where cooperations will come off and will host visitors from almost every region of Turkey and sector professionals from various countries.


The exhibitors, who will meet with the national and international main manufacturers, will have the opportunity to introduce themselves, show their production capabilities and potentials and establish effective networks for potential collaborations.

Members of the Armed Forces, members of the military from different countries, national and international purchasing delegations, company representatives, academics and students will visit SAHA EXPO 2020 and this will form an important basis for cooperation that will contribute to the Turkish economy.

SAHA EXPO 2020, which will be organised in Istanbul, that has a strategic importance for Turkish economy, with natural beauties, cultural and historical heritage, will be the showcase of Turkey’s production potential with participants from many cities of Turkey.

To show that you have a high-tech production potential like the other exhibitors in this exhibition,

To present your latest innovative solutions for the defence and aerospace industries to the right addresses,

To meet with national and international purchasing committees and professional visitors

To explore your export potential and expand your export market,

To capture cooperation opportunities within your own goals and vision,

SAHA EXPO 2018 Facts & Figures



Countries Participating in B2B Meetings

234 B2B meetings were held with the participation of senior officials of the companies operating in the fields of defence, aviation, maritime and information technologies; members of parliament and army members from various countries of the world. In addition, 410 B2B meetings were organized in order to increase the coordination of SAHA Istanbul companies.

B2B Meetings
  • United States
  • Ukraine
  • Italy
  • Jordan
  • Libya
  • Belarus
  • Sudan
  • India
  • Russia
  • Indonesia
  • Kazakhistan
  • Bangladesh

SAHA EXPO 2020 Messages

The President of Defence Industries Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir

Turkey which is in a serious breakthrough in defence industry in recent years, is rapidly taking steps in localisation efforts.

We are proud of our many achievements according to our goal; a Turkey with a national defence industry which has proven itself in international competition.

SAHA Istanbul, which works to include as many industrialists as possible in the defence industry, which requires advanced technology and has a strategic importance, has undertaken an important mission to increase the domestic production percentages and develop national systems.

SAHA EXPO Exhibition, which will be held for the second time by SAHA Istanbul, which has successfully carried out this mission since its establishment, will be an exhibition where the achievements in the localization activities in the defence industry are presented, cooperation are made and new steps are planned.

SAHA Istanbul Chairman Haluk Bayraktar


Turkey is exploring its potential in the last 15 years with “National Technology Move” which is launched with the aim to increase the domestic production percentages in civil aviation and space industry which requires advanced technology.

Our industry and exports are growing with our ongoing projects and our external dependence is decreasing day by day. Every day we witness new success stories together.

As SAHA Istanbul, we are putting great effort to nationalisation together with our members with the public-private sector-university ecosystem that we have implemented, and we are proud of our achievements on behalf of our country.

SAHA EXPO2020, which will be held for the second time this year, will be an international platform where the efforts made by our main platform manufacturers, suppliers, universities, and the projects they have realized, localized products and the progress we have made in the domestic and national industry.

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